Sita is a Yoga Master and Teacher.

She utilizes over 50 years of experience practicing and teaching Yoga and fitness awareness, to bring you The Amoni Method of Yoga and Strength Training.

Sita Explains

The Amoni Method

In this video, Sita gives a brief explanation of the basic rules and cornerstones of the Amoni Method of Yoga and Strength Training. She will identify the larger muscles and muscle groups that carry the weight of the large bones in your body, for balance and stability. This will activate the mind-body connection and assist you in identifying the muscles, muscle groups, and their functions. This preliminary will help to align the upper and lower body for safe and effective results. It is recommended for all levels, as preparation for the online classes



What is the Amoni Method?

The Amoni Method of Yoga Practice introduces a series of creative movement based on Sita's extensive experience practicing and teaching a variety of Yoga modalities, calisthenics, and resistance training.  It emphasizes the use of life force and breath for sustaining and regenerating all body systems, as well as, muscle and joint tissue. This slow gentle approach to Yoga and strength training eliminates stress to the joints. It also builds strength into the muscles that support joint movement and stability. The Amoni method of practice is designed to focus the mind for precision body movement, and movement of the life force within. This type of mental focus helps to clear and sharpen the mind. It also builds the connection of the mind to the body. Practicing Yoga and Strength training with this slow, deliberate, mindful approach maintains the integrity of the body, promotes mental clarity, helps to reduce the risk of injury, and facilitates the most effective results.


The greatest joy for me as a yoga teacher is to help my students strengthen their bodies, elevate their consciousness, and overcome limitations. I hope all who participate in these online classes reap the rewards of this empowering, regenerative method.






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The Amoni Method is very effective in the prevention and rehabilitation of muscle and joint injury. It also helps with pain management. Please drop us a line and let us know what your body needs, and what classes serve you best. 

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